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Community Reiki at Loom Yoga Brooklyn

February 24, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Loom Yoga and Firefly Society welcome you to receive and explore the benefits of Reiki therapy.

Reiki therapy is a safe, non-intrusive, way to restore balance to one’s energy centers- bringing a sense of relaxation, deep meditation and at times profound experiences. Reiki also has direct physical benefits, like treating common sickness and notably in the field of pain relief- from sports injuries to chronic illnesses. Reiki decreases tension, stress and helps bring a sense of clarity and perspective to our daily problems.

The Reiki method was developed during the Meiji Restoration period in Japan by Mikao Usui. He was a student of Mikkyo Buddhism, and incorporated techniques from Shinto and secret Buddhism to form an original, non-religious, spiritual healing practice that has spread worldwide in the past century.


Our Community Reiki events aim to offer the healing benefits of the practice at an affordable exchange, and are thus donation based and offered in a communal setting in the main studio at Loom Yoga Center in Bushwick. Each individual session is expected to last approximately 20 minutes, facilitated by Firefly Society’s experienced Reiki practitioners and volunteers from the wider Reiki community.
For your benefit please dress comfortably and avoid large meals beforehand.

What will I feel?
A typical Reiki session can bring about a wide range of experiences, often longer sessions bring deeper healing.
Relaxation, sense of meaning, clear mind, ease or disappearance of pain (chronic or temporary) are very common. You may also feel an Awareness of True Self. Decongestion, decompression. Emotional balancing during seasonal and astrological cycles. The Fates will smile upon you. You may fall asleep, you may have a vision. Sometimes deep emotional or karmic issues may resolve themselves. Peace, balance, Light. The actual experience differs from person to person- yours will be unique, enlightening and beneficial.

To support this ongoing community event we suggest a donation between $10-$30. You may also pre-register online through Loom Yoga’s Mind-Body platform at $20.


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Loom Yoga Bushwick
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